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Energy Meter Development

- Jul 19, 2017 -

With the rapid development of China's economy, the demand for electricity in all walks of life is increasing, and the phenomenon of unbalanced electricity consumption at different times is becoming more and more serious. In order to alleviate the increasingly sharp power supply and demand contradiction, adjust the load curve, improve the phenomenon of unbalanced electricity consumption, the full implementation of the peak, flat, Valley time-sharing electricity price system, "shifting", improve the efficiency of the national electricity, rational use of power resources, some provinces and municipalities in the domestic power sector has begun to gradually introduce a multi-rate watt-hour meter, the user's power consumption time-sharing. In April 1995, it was decided by the State Planning Commission, the National Economic and Trade Association and the Ministry of Electric power Industry to jointly implement the plan and steps of the peak-Valley time-sharing tariff system in the nationwide power grids for 3-4 years in Shanghai. The total target is the network transfer peak power $number, the national realization of the transfer peak power $number million kilowatts, the implementation of the scope is not only industrial, commercial users, but also non-industrial, agricultural use of electricity to be gradually implemented. In the conditional areas, that is, the implementation of a one-table residential electricity area, there will be a planned development trough electricity, the implementation of peak-valley electricity prices, to improve the utilization of electricity, improve the quality of the residents. Use different time and different billing standards for power users. Encourage power consumption in the trough....

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