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The Definition Of Multifunction Energy Meter

- Jun 11, 2018 -

      The smart meter is a smart terminal of the smart grid. It is not a traditional electric energy meter. In addition to the metering function of the basic electricity consumption of the traditional electric energy meter, the smart meter also has electric power information in order to adapt to the use of the smart grid and new energy. Storage, bidirectional multiple rate measurement functions, user-side control functions, bidirectional data communication functions of multiple data transmission modes, and anti-tampering functions, smart meters represent smart energy-saving smart grid end-user intelligent terminals The direction of development. With the increasing development of smart grids, the demand for intelligent user terminals is increasing in countries around the world. According to statistics, with the construction of smart grids in various countries in the world in the next five years, the number of smart meters installed worldwide will be as high as 2 Billion only. Similarly, in China, as the country's strong smart grid construction progresses, the demand for smart metering as a user will also grow substantially. It is conservatively predicted that the market will have about 170 million demand. Part of the U.S. government’s appropriation for upgrading the national power grid is dedicated to enabling 13% of U.S. households (18 million households) to install smart meters in the future. In Europe, Italy and Sweden have completed the deployment of advanced metering infrastructure, replacing all ordinary meters with smart meters. France, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom are expected to complete within the next 10 years and will also complete the comprehensive promotion and application of smart meters.


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