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The Reason That Have Din Rail Mounted Electric Energy Meter

- Oct 26, 2017 -

With the rapid development of economy, the demand for electricity is increasing in all walks of life. The shortage of power resources and the imbalance of power consumption in different time are still serious. In order to alleviate our country increasingly sharp contradiction between power supply and demand, improve the power imbalance, saving electricity, improve the power efficiency, reasonable utilization of power resources has become one of the basic national policy of building a harmonious society.

The power consumption is heavily concentrated in the low-voltage power distribution terminal, in order to strengthen the management of the terminal examination and measurement of electrical energy, use, transformation and upgrading of the scene for the convenience of users. In view of the traditional wall mounted power meter installation inconvenience in the field and design of a miniature rail mounting electric energy meter, has the advantages of high measuring precision, strong overload capacity, stable and reliable performance, wide working voltage, low power consumption. And its small size, light weight, modular structure, can be used in conjunction with miniature circuit breaker installed in the distribution box, to achieve the terminal distribution power metering.

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